All Key Announcements of Google I/O 2018

All Key Announcements of Google I/O 2018

Everyone was waiting for all the announcements from Google’s new event. Google’s annual developer conference which takes place every year at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California as now known as Google I/O 2018 where Google CEO Sundar Pichai just concluded his keynotes and made some awesome announcements like Android P, Machine Learning, AI, Google Assistant, Digital Wellbeing, Maps, Google Lens and more.

The recently concluded Google I/O 2018 was opened with electronic synth sounds created by Google’s Neural Synthesizer ML algorithms. It began with a two-hour presentation from Google, where top executives took the stage. The event has provided a lot to consider when it came to artificial intelligence (AI), mobility, and how data can be used to make services better.


Lets check all key announcements of Google I/O 2018:



Gmail, Google’s email service has got a new design overhaul. Also it can now autocomplete entire emails in a new feature called “Smart Compose”.


Google Photos

A new features comes in Google Photos called Suggested Actions which can spot friends in your photos and will also offer a single button press share option for all those photos. This feature also can convert images of documents into a PDF straight from the Photos app and will able to reproduce black and white images in colour which is awesome to get.


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Tensor Processing Unit (TPU), a special chip meant to operate on Google’s TensorFlow AI platform. TPUs aren’t new as Google announced the second iteration of its TPU at I/O 2016 and this year the company has announced TPU version 3.0. The main aim of Google behind creating TPU is for liquid cooling to its data centers in order to keep them from overheating and now its more faster than previous versions.


Google Assistant

So why we would make Google Assistant step aside. As Google Assistant is a vital cog for AI and Machine Learning Technology. So there were also some key announcements when it comes to the digital helper in Google I/O 2018. according to CEO Sundar Pichai. Soon, it will sound much more natural and there will be 6 new voices we will get to hear in Google Assistant. in fact, there will be some familiar voices as the new voice of Google Assistant coming later this year is none other than R&B star John Legend.

There also will be a new feature in this digital helper known as Continued Conversations feature which will make your conversations so much easy. You don’t have to say “OK Google” every time you want to talk to it. Also it will remember your past answers and will parse multiple questions in a single sentence. Supports for custom routines like Dinner, Study are also available in the new Google Assistant.

A Politeness feature, where you essentially get credit for saying “please” when you ask for something from Google Assistant. Its like when u will be saying please Google will be so much kind to you and will even compliment you also.

Google Assistant is also getting a new interface on Android and iOS. It will now provide more visually good and immersive responses. Also some food delivery actions to the assistant like if you have ordered food from a store online then Google Assistant will remember your previous all actions and will automatically order food on your behalf. So it will make very easy for you.


Google Maps

There is awesome upgrade in Google Maps also. As Google Assistant integrated with Google Maps, allowing users to use their voice to share ETAs with friends and family. Also you will be able to take calls when you are driving with Google Maps running.


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Android P with AI Technology

One of the best announcements of Google I/O 2018 is about the new android version Android P release.AS from the source Android P will be heavily reliant on AI and on-device machine learning. AI which is very interesting thing that has been published in Google’s research already where this AI technology will be able to tell about medical events in advance by seeing history, for example how is your heartbeat going? or what is your routines? the AI will predict is there any typical condition or not ? Now talking about Android P, the AI will be visible with lot of features including a new ‘Adaptive Battery’ feature where users will get optimization in battery to get good battery life. Google has seen around 30 percent reduction in CPU app wake-ups owing to this new feature.

In the list of AI features there will have Adaptive Brightness’ feature on Android P. This feature will optimize the brightness according to users preference.

The new Navigation System of Android P that makes multitasking easier by placing emphasizing gestures instead of buttons where there’s a swipe icon at the very bottom of the phone to do multitasking easy.

Android P will also bring a new feature called ‘App Actions’ which will preempt what user usually does with the app before he/she does it. The App Actions API uses the same set of intents as Actions on Google Assistant.

Another feature of Android P is “Shush” mode. Its like if this feature is turned on, it will automatically activate Do Not Disturb mode when you put your phone face down on a table.

Predicting actions can also live in a slightly larger UI element, called a Slice’. This interactive snippets will only be available on Google Searches only. Its like if you search for something like Uber for ride, it will not only show searches also shortcuts for hailing a ride to your home and office. The Slice feature includes the distance, price and estimated time of arrival for each destination,all your choices and the entire action will be completed automatically.

This smart feature is gonna liked by everyone, button for rotation change. if you lay on bed and the screen rotates automatically then you feel irritated and you have to turn off auto-rotate. So a button will pop up to let you rotate the screen. Otherwise, you can keep the display the way it is.

There will be also a feature called Wind Down Mode’ which will let users tell the Google Assistant their bedtime. So at night the Assistant will activate DND mode automatically and phone screen will turn grey. Though all colours will return back to normal in the morning.

Google’s new version of Android mainly focuses on something called “Digital Wellbeing”. This feature will help you to spend less time on your phone and more time with your loved ones. Also it will help you to concentrate on your studies at exam time. Android will give you information about how you use your phone, and even create controls to limit screen time.



As Google have brought a lot of new upgrades to their technology in the recently concluded Google I/O 2018, also the release of Android P is like a Christmas gift. Google always wanted to implement the AI and Machine Learning technology, with the new Android P they have unveiled the AI technology to perceive its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of successfully achieving its goals. Hope google will release more new upgrades to improve the AI and on-device machine learning.












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