Apple to launch 2018 Edition of MacBook Air at Lower Price

Apple to launch 2018 Edition of MacBook Air at Lower Price

MacBook has been always the best choice for all the tech guys and engineers to buy for their works or College assignment work etc. But specially MacBook Air is the once-beloved slim laptop a lot of love in recent years. MacBook Air, launched by then Apple CEO Steve Jobs at the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco in 2008, has not been updated since 2015 as Apple has shifted focus towards the 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro.


So the new news is coming on the rounds that Apple is reportedly planning for the rebirth of the MacBook Air in lower price. There has been lot of rumours about a new 2018 edition of this Apple laptop for quite some time now and it’s possible that Apple won’t ever update the MacBook Air again. It feels bad but it would be best for all affordable buyers.


What We can expect From New MacBook Air?

  • From the source the all new MacBook will have 13inch screen. Also LG is set to begin production of screens for this new MacBook with a resolution of 2,560 by 1,600 pixels at the end of May or early June.
  • It is evident that the new MacBooks could use Intel’s latest 8th-generation processors which would be a big step up from the 5th-generation processors in the current MacBook and also with low power consumption chips
  • The new Apple model will be built-in LTE connectivity
  • For doubling up as Thunderbolt ports we can assume the next MacBook Air will feature USB-C ports.
  • As usual the new MacBook feature to come on the Air model.


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The new cheaper MacBook laptop expected to replace the MacBook Air for less than $1,000. Isn’t that great ? But discontinuing MacBook Air is not a great move by apple. The company was expected to release the new product during the second quarter of 2018, possibly at the WDC 2018, but a new report says the production has been delayed to the later of 2018. We also can predict the reason for the delay of release is that a problem with processor.


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